New Year=New Goals and Challenges!

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a safe and fun new year! I know I did. And today I caught up on some sleep, cleaning, and just ate some Chinese food for dinner. What I’m doing now? Going through all the goals and challenges that I want to attempt this year! Here is the list of mine! (I’m also going to  make a page for this where I will update what books I have read and on what challenge/challenges they belong to.)

For this challenge I am challenging myself to get to the 31-40 Sweet Summer Fling level.


For this challenge, everyone who signs up is challenged to read 12 debut YA books published in 2015.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Stephanie has read 0 books toward her goal of 60 books.

This will be 5 books a month and I hope to surpass that goal. 🙂

YA & NA Romance A-Z Challenge
– You can only use 1 book per letter
– After reading post the title or cover of the book; date read and rating
– You may only use Y/A romance or N/A romance books
– Challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st

A is for Angry (character who is quick tempered/angry) 
B is for Birthday (book released during your birthday month)
C is for Colour (book with your favourite colour on the cover)
D is for Dysfunctional (characters have crazy/dysfunctional relationship)
E is for Explore (author you haven’t read before)
F is for Friends (friends who fall in love)
G is for Goal (character trying to achieve life/career goal)
H is for Hidden (character has a hidden past/secret)
I is for Instant (characters have instant attraction/insta-love)
J is for Judas (character betrays friend/love, character is betrayed)  
K is for Kind (character who is kind hearted/nice)
L is for Laughter (book that makes you laugh)
M is for Music (character is in a band/plays an instrument)
N is for New (book released this year)
O is for One (title only contains one word)
P is for Paranormal (book in paranormal genre) 
Q is for Quiet (a quiet character or loner)
R is for Recommended (book recommended by friend/goodreads) 
S is for Series (book in a series)
T is for Tears (a book that made you sad/cry)
U is for University (story takes place on a university campus)
V is for Vacation (character goes on vacation)
W is for Water (story takes place near a body of water; ocean, river, lake)
X is for X-ray (character goes into hospital/book set in a hospital)
Y is for Yesteryear (book published in 2014)
Z is for Zero (a book that none of your friends or those you follow have read)

More to come 🙂


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