Top Ten Tuesday [31]

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there is a different bookish top ten list. Join in on the fun!
Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have: 
1. No Space!!!
Okay, so this problem of mine should change once Joe and I finish the Library/Office space that we’re creating. But let’s face it, it’s a lot of money and we just don’t have it all together yet. Which breaks my heart because I can never seem to find any of my books! :/ They need a home!
2. Not Finishing Series…
I have this problem where I’m afraid to finish a series. I love series. I do. I love that I can immerse myself into a favorite world of mine because there are books within that series. But when it comes to the last book in the series, my heart melts and dies a little because it means that it’s almost over. I haven’t read The Retribution of Mara Dyer, Allegiant, etc BECAUSE I know that it will be over. Which sucks. But then it’s like I NEED TO KNOW what happens. So, it’s this weird limbo I’m in. I think I just need to force myself out of this habit.
3. Forgetting What Happened…
I hate it when I read the first in a series and then years later I pick up the second book and FORGET what the first one was all about. Or forget who a character was. It sucks. That’s why I like when I binge read series.
4. Not Enough Time!!!
There are WAY too many books that I want to read yet there is NOT ENOUGH time in the world for me to read them all. Let’s face it, we will all die with a HUGE TBR list that we haven’t even gotten to yet. And I hate that. I want immortality so that I can read every book I possibly can. I don’t want it to live forever (that’s just a perk).
5. Never Ending TBR List
Everytime I knock one book off my TBR list, there are 20 that go back on. It’s a never ending battle.

6. I Don’t Have Clones
I want to do too many things at the same time. I want to watch New Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and I was to read all the books that I am reading for the month AT THE SAME TIME. I sometimes don’t know which to pick because I want them all done at the same time. haha.
7. Library Books…
Every single time I borrow books from the library, whether it be 1 book or 10 books, for some reason, I can NEVER ever get them back on time. I’m ALWAYS paying a late fee at my library because I can never get them back on time. There are times where I’ve finished it but they just sit on my table or in my car until I remember that I have to do it. And it’s not like my library is out of my way. It’s on the way home from work for crying out loud. So, someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with me?! I don’t get it.

8. What’s Next?
It’s so hard for me to pick out what to read next. To where I sometimes gather a random pile and tell my boyfriend to pick one. Just so there is a decision made. That’s partly why I started the Reader’s Choice polls. Which I love by the way!
9. Multiple Copies
I sometimes forget that I own a book and I’ll buy two or three copies of it. It’s one thing having a copy and then a signed copy. Or a copy and then the cover got redesigned and you need that. But it’s a completely other thing when you have 3 EXACT identical copies of the same book because you FORGOT you owned it. Yea, I’ve done this WAY too many times. To where I will be having a giveaway sometime soon.
10. Avoidance/Ignoring
There is always a physical book and my kindle in my purse at all times. When we go to friends houses, 90% of the time, I’m the one sitting on the couch reading my book while everyone else is playing drinking games. I get yelled at a lot for doing this. So, I try to only do this when there’s really nothing happening when we’re all together, or it’s really late and I’m just waiting for everyone to be like okay, time to leave! I sometimes even skip out on plans in general if I really just want to be in my pjs and read or binge watch whatever TV show I’m currently watching.
What’s on your top ten this week?

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  1. I have the same problem with forgetting things in between books of a series. It sucks! I need to learn to only start a series if all of the books are out and I can read them back to back to back, instead of waiting for the next installments to be published.

  2. Great list! My TBR pile is neverending too. I just keep buying more books and adding to the pile when I should probably just focus on making my TBR pile smaller by reading the books. I also have a problem with finishing series. Thanks for sharing!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. I'm really bad at finishing up series, mostly because I forget what happened in the previous books and end up having to re-read things. My tbr pile is monstrous and it takes me way too long to decide what I want to read next. I've bought the same book multiple times, especially when there's a cover changes. Great list! I have the same problems.

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

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