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Yes, you read that right! Dana from Dana Square and I will be joining forces and bringing our brilliance together for a book club. That’s right a book club! Once a month we will be doing a buddy read and tackling our TBR lists. We are also opening it up to all of you! You can read along with us during that month and we can have some awesome discussions about each book.

It’s a little late notice, but our first book will be starting July 1st. So that’s in like a week. But our first book that we will be reading and discussing is Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers. So if you’re interested, all of you will be more than welcome to join this read along/book club with us!

Also, join the book club on Goodreads to help choose what the next month’s book is and all of the discussions that will be happening. We will be splitting each book by chapter or pages (if it doesn’t have chapters). That way on Goodreads we can discuss all of the awesomeness without spoiling later spots in the book for people who aren’t there yet.

We will also be posting one to two posts on our blogs every month to bring in a discussion over here. It won’t be as in depth as the conversations on Goodreads. But it will have our favorite quotes/passages and some questions that we’d love to hear from you guys! 🙂 When we know more about the posts for the blogs, we will keep you guys informed!

But for now, if you want to read Grave Mercy or reread it, join in on the fun with us!! 🙂 Here’s our Goodreads group page!

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  1. ooh this sounds so cool!! I can't wait to join in. I'd love to revisit Grave Mercy 😀 Ooh I can't wait to join the book club. Sounds like such fun!!

  2. I’m a fairly new follower of your blog, but I would love to join your group. It’s funny because I just returned my copy of Grave Mercy to the library yesterday. I didn’t get around to reading it. Your post has inspired me to go back and snatch it up. The group sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂

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