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Okay, so that graphic was my first time ever doing picmonkey… I may tweak it later on. But it’s good enough for now… Anywho, here is where I will be updating you all on my writing progress!

Camp NaNoWriMo

Starts in less than 12 hours and I am almost ready for it to begin! I will be working on 2 projects this session. HERE IS MY CAMPER PROFILE, if you are interested in befriending me. We also have a few spots left in our cabin if anyone needs a space, let me know! My word count goal for camp is 50,000 words. Just like any other NaNo. I want to really be able to finish something this time around and I think this session will be my best ever and I owe it all to my writing group, the #RoyalWriters <3

The #RoyalWriters started when I became friends with Dana, which I’m sure you all have noticed that in the past month we’ve become good friends and have even started a book club together! Well, we’re also in the same writing group. She grabbed some of her writing friends and we all started a cabin together and now we are helping each other out during NaNo and hopefully for a while later.

So, as I discussed with my writing group only a few days ago, I have about 25-30 WIPs (work in progress). The past few sessions of NaNo, I’ve been working on my Seven novel which is about seven witches who are sisters and they are cursed and each possess one of the seven deadly sins. Well, I think that I need a break from that one. I have about 25k-30k written for it but it is at a complete standstill and needs to be fleshed out a lot. So, I’ve decided to put that one aside for now. I have decided that I will work on 1 paranormal and 1 contemporary so that if I get too bogged down from one genre, I’ll just work on the other one for a bit.

The paranormal one needs a lot of plotting and I need to figure out what creatures I will be using but this one is a fairly new shiny idea that I got after a dream I had literally 2 nights ago! So, there’s not a whole to say about it right now.

Then the contemporary that I will be working on is about a relationship gone wrong. The ex has narcissistic personality disorder and starts stalking his exgirlfriend. So, it’s like a contemporary thriller. 🙂

Let’s talk about it!

Are you joining in on Camp NaNoWrimo? Are you an aspiring writer or a published author? Shall I continue to update you all on my writing experiences?


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