Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse Book Launch!

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Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse Book Launch! 

Hello, Darlings!

This past Friday, my best friend Liz and I took a mini three hour road trip to San Jose for the beautiful Parker Peevyhouse’s book launch at Hicklebee’s Bookstore. Besides severely underestimating parking – it took up like twenty minutes to find a spot and run all the way to the store, making us embarrassingly late – this launch was SO cool. It started off with the usual opening remarks, and then she went on to answer questions. I was astounded to learn that the process of getting this book published took Peevyhouse four years. FOUR! She even had to rewrite the first fifty pages over again to satisfy publishers.

After the intro and question+answer time was over, we had to go running for our copy of the book. I put my friend Liz on grabbing duty, she’s about 5’2 so her ability to squeeze in is ten fold of mine. I played bodyguard, plowing through bodies with the ferocity of an excited fangirl on the hunt. The tiny store was packed, so it took us a while to make our way over to the books, then back towards the cash register. Once we bought our copies – and a few other knick knacks, I have no self control – we stood in line and waited our turn. While we stood we talked to some girls near us, furiously updated Twitter, and tried to grab some of the food they had set out. Once it was finally our turn, we both asked her to sign the dedication page because it said “For Elizabeth,” which obviously doesn’t mean me, but how often is the dedication name your name?! She laughed and signed it for us. Parker was soooo nice, and she was even wearing scratch and sniff cupcake nail stickers. The ideal quality in a YA author, obviously. The only up close photo I was able to snag features half of my best friends head and shoulders, so just ignore that!

After we talked briefly and got our books signed, we decided to walk around for a while. The bookstore that the signing was held in was adorable, I am so sad that nothing like that exists near where I live!!  It was a children’s bookstore, but they also had a massive Young Adult section. Floor to ceiling bookshelves, posters, rocking chairs to sit in — it was basically what every bookstore should strive to be. I will insert some totally candid photos of the place below. 

This was the first bookish event that I was ever able to go to. It was so fun and I really hope that I’m able to make it to more events like these. Normally, book signings don’t stop anywhere near me, so when they do I always consider it a sign that I must go. Nothing will ever top talking to the authors you love in person and bonding over books!! 

So, what do you think??

Have you read Where Futures End?? What did you think? What’s your favorite part about bookish events! Let me know down in the comments or find me on Twitter @nerddelizzie 🙂

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