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So, the last time I did a writing update was back in December when I talked about why I failed NaNoWriMo 2015 and what I was doing in January to overcome that. And that is why me and some of my friends decided that we were going to do a Fake NaNo

My Goals for Fake NaNo:

-Write every day/Do something with my WIP every day
-Finish 1 of my WIPs by March

So, how am I doing?

Surprisingly not too bad. Even though I do not have a whole bunch of words written, ever since the middle of January I have done SOMETHING with my current project. Whether it be writing or researching or drafting or ANYTHING that deals with my project. And that is a lot more than what I normally do or have done in the past. My main goal for this was to get in the habit of writing. And I think I have accomplished that so far.

So, what to do now?

Get my ass in gear. If I am serious about getting the first draft of my manuscript done by March, I need to get my ass moving on the words! I already do something every day, now I need to make sure I am WRITING every day.

Let’s Talk About It!

Are you a writer? What advice sticks with you? How do you accomplish your goals? Have you finished a manuscript? Let’s talk and leave some comments! 🙂

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