V.E Schwab Book Signing Experience!

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Hello, Darlings!

So, this past weekend, it was my twentieth birthday (woo!). To treat myself, I decided to drive the 2.5 hours to San Francisco and meet Victoria Schwab! Because it was a bit of a drive, I dragged my Dad along with me. Since we decided to make a bit of a day trip, I will do my best to recap for you all 🙂
The signing itself was at a place called Borderlands Books, a very adult sci-fi/fantasy lit geared store. The signing was at 3pm, and we had about 2.5 to kill once we arrived. Hungry and excited, we decided to just walk around and see what jumped out at us! We ended up going into this place called Lolo, it was a tapas and agave bar. Suuuuper funky on the inside, reasonably priced, and DELICIOUS. I had the most amazing croissant french toast, with berries, fresh whipped cream, and possibly the best maple syrup that I have ever had in my adult life.


After lunch, my Dad decided to walk to some record store he wanted to check out, and I walked to the bookstore! The store itself was nice, but a little underwhelming as far as Indie bookstores go (sorry Borderlands). As I was walking in, I caught sight of the beautiful Victoria Schwab and smiled like the giant idiot buffoon that I am. It was glorious, nearly wailed NOT WORTHY, but I thought best of it. After recovering, I took in my surroundings. Spotting the table with all of Schwab’s books, I immediately launched myself towards the last available copy of VICIOUS since it’s the last V.E Schwab book that I do not already own, and I wanted to support the bookstore! After I bought my book, I went around the corner to a little-attached cafe and got a seat pretty close to the front. Once everything started, Victoria read a little excerpt from A Gathering of Shadows (she should do audiobooks, such a great narrator voice!) and another author moderated questions for her. She talked about her writing process, how she is/will be writing three books a year for the next few years, an upcoming project (!!!!), the ADSOM TV show, and what it’s like to be a female Adult Fantasy writer in a world full of men. Basically, I want to be Victoria when I grow up. She is incredibly smart, bad ass, and all around so full of girl power that I was in awe once I left. When it finally came time for her to sign my books, I didn’t even really know what I should say. I *think* I babbled on about how hilarious her tweets are, to be honest it was all a blur. Regardless of my lameness, she was so kind. Taking the time to ask my name and how I was doing. Just. Amazing.
I don’t often go to book signings as they usually involve a minimum two hour drive, but I think I might make more of an effort to go these things. I left feeling so inspired and invigorated to go home and work on my own personal projects. Meeting people in the book community – whether it be bloggers or authors – is nothing short of amazing. If you ever have the chance to go visit an author you admire, I say jump on it! If it’s a far drive, make a day of it. You won’t regret it 🙂

So, what do you think??

Have you ever gone to a book singing? Any authors you want to be like when you grow up?? Let me know down in the comments, or find me on Twitter @nerddelizzie 🙂

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