Ode To Used Bookstores

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I love books, all shapes, sizes, genres, and walks of life – I love books. Reading has always been my favorite hobby, ever since I was a kid I can remember going to the library with my Dad everyday after school and getting to pick out some books to take home. Fast forward to now, me: age 20, I have a big book buying problem. I’ve mentioned it quite a bit in my past few posts, but because of my book buying problem I had to stop buying new books all together. After cleaning out my shelves and making a big list of all the books that I owned and yet to have read, I decided enough was enough – I wanted to go back to not having a TBR pile larger than five books at a time. To accomplish this, I have only been reading books that I already own for the past three months. I’ve finally started to dwindle my TBR pile down to not embarrassing numbers and to quench my book buying thirst I’ve rediscovered some of my favorite used book stores. I thought that with Spring Cleaning on everyone’s mind and wanting to save money for some summer trips you guys might want to utilize these places!

  1. Bookoutlet.com – This is among my favorite online book stores, they have sales constantly (if you sign up for emails be warned, they WILL suck you into buying at least one book every time) and the quality of the books is always like new. Even if you get the “scratch and dent” copies, I have never encountered a book that was clearly previously owned. This is a very popular site, so I imagine that the majority of you all have heard of it. But if not, go check it out!
  2. Half Price Books – A used bookstore chain, they have various locations across the United States. Since they receive so many books for cash, they always have a great selection of newer to older books. And, I have always found they things are reasonably priced. Staff if always so kind, and if they don’t have a book you’re looking for they can check other stores for you! If you’re looking for a place to get lost in, I suggest this one!
  3. Thriftbooks.com – This is usually a bit of a last resort if I haven’t found anything yet. Not always the most bountiful in selection, but sometimes it surprises me! Never hurts to check all options 🙂

And there you have it folks, not too many options but some of my most popular and most trusted. Happy book buying binge my darlings!


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