Sing Along Saturday [3]

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Sing Along Saturday is a new meme hosted by my good friend Katrina @ Bookish Things and More! Every Saturday there will be a different theme and you have to share a song that goes along with that theme! I think it’s a great idea and I am going to start participating in it and I’d love to see all of your Sing Along Saturdays!

Dancing Groove – What Song Gets You In The Dancing Mood?

Let’s Talk About It

HAHA. Joe found out about 2 years ago that whenever Cotton Eye Joe comes on, I get up and do that damn dance to this song. So, he randomly puts it on (because he thinks it’s hysterical) and my legs start moving. EVERY. TIME. It doesn’t matter if I am eating or if I am laying in bed ABOUT TO FALL ASLEEP, I hear the song…I start dancing. I HAVE A PROBLEM!


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