Book Talk: Gemina *SPOILER*

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discussion-postHoly moly you guys. HOLY MOLY.  I have so many feels about this book. I’m going to try and narrow them down just so I don’t dive too deep into any wormhole (pun intended) or lose my train of thought! This will be a very SPOILER FILLED discussion. So if you have not read this novel, shield your eyes! I give this a 6/5 stars. One of my favorite books of the year. Just. Amazing.

*Now for the spoilers… do not read ahead if you haven’t yet read either book, you’ve been warned.*
  1. geminaHanna and Nik = perfect.
  2. Really didn’t see the whole Jackson seen coming, which looking back I SO should have, but wow! That really brought everything full circle. Was I the only one who kept getting confused about all his names though? He had three I think, his fake name, his real name, then his code name. I had to keep flipping back to make sure I wasn’t mixing him up with anyone else.
  3. The illustrations that Marie Lu did for Hanna’s journal were amazing. Easily one of my favorite pages to flip to once I finished. So cool and really brought Hanna to life for me.
  4. Nik and Ella’s relationship was hilarious. I loved their IM conversations, how they would both pick on eachother while also being adorable and loving and cousins 4 lyfe. So cute, such great chemistry.
  5. Ella the Spider! She was so freaking funny, I laughed out loud multiple times during her video summaries that she sent to her friend off planet, and anything she said during the three way IM messages. SO FUNNY! Also, her hacking skills just kept reminding me of Kady, and that made me love her even more. There was a line somewhere in the book where Nik is telling Hanna about Ella’s “condition” and he says that Ella doesn’t feel an ounce of sorry for herself, so no one else should. I loved that, the moxie and precociousness of her was delightful.
  6. The BEITECH squad was also so entertaining. The pages of each person along with their nickname was so fun to look through and reference to remember who was killed or who was in a scene. Such a fun way to picture their world
  7. The lamia were so creepy. The mock wiki page for those creatures was disgusting to read! I seriously had to cover the photo just so it would stop staring at me. The scene where Nik and Hanna get them to crawl down to the core and then trick the place into freezing then all chaos lets loose? SO COOL. SO EPIC.
  8. Kady and Ezra’s appearance towards the end made my heart melt. I think I may have actually cheered in public, I didn’t realize how much I had missed them until they came back!
  9. AIDAN’s reappearance was eerie as well. I’m still not quite sure if I trust him yet, his surveillance observations were so detailed and I always eat up his internal conflict of machine v human consciousness like its a chocolate dipped spoon. So interesting, and so much room left for exploration of his character
  10. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT ENDING?! The whole concept around a Gemina was such a mind warp I had to reread a few times before I finally got what was happening. I will forever be in awe of Kristoff and Kaufman, the amount of plotting and forethought that has to go into pulling off such a twist and plot jump like that is astronomical. I am not worthy. *bows down*

I think that’s where I’m going to leave this! I’ve never done a book talk before, so hopefully this was interesting for you to read and just enough spoilers to remind you of the amazingness! Let me know what you thought about Gemina down in the comments!


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  1. Autumn

    This book blew my mind!! I also didn’t see a the Jackson thing coming at all. I love how Kady and Hanna are such bad asses. And you weren’t the only one confused by all the names.
    I totally squealed out loud when I found out that Nik wasn’t dead. I don’t know how I’m going to survive til the next book comes out.

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