Lizzie’s First NaNoWriMo Experience

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Hey there darlings!

As some of you who have been reading for a while, you’ll know that Stephanie (Hi Steph!) has done NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, a few years running. I am new to it, having only done a few Camp events during the summer and significantly lowered my word count goal. This year however, I have really dived deep into writing seriously. With my first true book idea simmering in the back of my mind, I’ve managed to tackle it during my moments of free time as the year has gone on. My goal initially was to try and finish it by the end of the year, so, to motivate myself and make that happen I decided to challenge myself and attempt to hit the 50,000 word goal in one month! For fun, and since Steph is writing about her experience too, I thought I would give you guys and insight of a newbie to this challenge! Every week I’m going to update my draft of this post with a mini recap and compile it together and post it at the end of the month with my results!


Week 1: Hi there! For week one, I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve managed to nearly double my daily word goal each day and find time to devote at least two hours of uninterrupted writing everyday. I am feeling super excited about it, my momentum moving pretty well and developing a good writing routine. As happy as I am about my dedication to this, I’m beginning to get really scared that I am going to overdue it and hit a road block soon. Either in my plot or just feeling like the words wont flow, it’s been a bit too easy up until this point. Hopefully I can power through and hit my goal!

Week 2: My my, I’ve written 25k in 14 days. Omigosh. I feel really good! Haven’t missed a day of writing yet, definitely losing steam with my plot though. I’m a headlight outliner and that’s normally fine, but since I’m writing so much I keep finding myself writing just for the sake of putting out words – not because it’s adding to my overall story. I’m afraid I’m getting really close to burning out though. I will keep it up as best I can!

Week 3: Oh you guys, I hit 35k and then plummeted into a massive halt. I’ve hit a wall in both my plot and my motivation to keep writing. I’m more mad that I’m close and I know that if I hadn’t hit a plot hole I could have finished by the 20th! Now I feel like I’m not going to finish at all….ugh. I think I’m going to give myself a few days break from writing. See if time away gives me any new ideas. With the holidays and just general life happening, my mind has been anywhere but the page. I’m hoping (like really HOPING) that I will be hit with some sort of major inspiration, and knock out my last 15k in the next five days. If I can find a way to unstick my plot, I KNOW I can write like hell if I can do that.

Week 4: Sadness my dear nerds, sadness. I was not able to dig myself out of my plot hole, with the holidays and finals coming up I just felt so stuck! I’m hoping that by letting the idea simmer in the back of my mind as my school semester ends that when I come back to it in a few weeks I will find the words coming easier. Thank you so much for reading about my experience! I will definitely be doing Camp Nano, and November Nano again next year. Reaching 35k for the challenge and a total of 60k in my draft is my personal best in writing. I feel like I have grown so much confidence in my own ability to work hard, and I know that with more time and continued effort I can finish this draft in its entirety.

Let me know your experience down in the comments! Are you new to writing too? Veteran Nano enthusiast? I want to hear everyone’s thoughts!


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