Lizzie’s Reading Goals of 2017

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Happy New Year my book nerds! I hope you found yourself just as excited as I am for the New Year and new opportunities to grow and challenge yourself. Personally, I’m confident about what is to come this year. I’m going to be finishing my Bachelor’s Degree and graduating in December (!!!), traveling, doing my first big marathon. SO much stuff! It’s a little scary, but I love that thrill. I want to challenge myself in all aspects of my life this year, and I thought it might be fun to share my bookish side of those challenges with you all!

First and foremost, writing has really become an integral part of my life and I’m determined to finish my first novel this year. I’ve been struggling with the same WIP since July 2016, and I think (I pray), I know I can finish it if I push myself. Before last year and Steph’s encouragement (Hi steph!), I never thought I could actually sit down and write anything. Now, I know I can write. I just have to prove to myself that I have the discipline and the drive to write and finish a novel. I can deal with the editing and the maaaany revisions said novel will need later, but first, I have to actually finish. Wish me luck my book nerds, I’m gonna need it.

Also! Since books and this blog are a big part of my life too (I think I missed my one year In Wonderland anniversary in December, but YAY!) I want to get better at both of those things! For the blog, I have *finally* gotten myself in a good routine of scheduling my uploads and adding to my skill set of the types of posts I can/want to do. This year I want to expand more on those! I want to try and do more read-a-thons, more blog tours, and more book talks. My go-to is definitely just plain ole reviews, but I should really spice things up a bit!

Small goal and one that really hinges on my ability to budget (did you hear my inward cringe?), but I would really like to attend more bookish conventions! Last July, I went to my very first convention and it was everything and more. I hope I can attend Leviosa Con again in 2017! If not, I really want to try and go to another! I know of the big ones like BEA and YALLfest/YALLWest but I’m hoping to discover some more amazing ones! If you happen to know of any in the Northern California area, let me know down in the comments!

Annnnd finally, my book goals! I managed to read fifty-two out of seventy five books in 2016, and I know I can do better! I’ve set my Goodreads goal to seventy five once more, with the goal of at least four books a month. With school and all of the assigned reading that comes along with being an English major, reading for pleasure tends to lose its luster halfway through my semesters. I think if I really try for a wide rang of genre and new authors each month, I should hopefully be able to combat any slump that threatens to come into my path! I also want to try and utilize my local library more. Textbooks are expensive, and along with my personal goal of maintaining a budget, I really need to lessen my book budget and send that money over to things like gas and food (ha!). Plus, with the library comes a little more freedom to pick up things I’m afraid I won’t like. I hate to buy a book I will end up getting bored with, so I’m more likely to stick with what I know. The library is free, so more freedom to not like things! My last bookish goals is to read more diverse books. The We Need Diverse Books Campaign is something I really want to take part in and support. I want to seek out diversity in all aspects, whether that be diverse author, subject/genre, characters, indie publishers, new kinds of literature (prose, expository, etc), anything! I love my mainstream books, I really really do (and there is no harm in loving them) but I also think they are keeping me from challenging myself. This is one way that I feel like breaking out of my own comfort zone, and you support some seriously cool authors in the process.

Whew! I can really talk. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! Let me know down in the comments what your bookish goals are!


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