Giveaways & Policies

Current Giveaways

  1. 1 of 3 YA Contemporaries of Your Choice (up $10 USD) (INTL Okay) [That Summer Entry — Ends Jul 10th, 2017
  2. 1 of 3 YA Contemporaries of Your choice (up to $10 & INTL Ok) [Someone Like You Entry] — Ends Jul 10th, 2017
  3. 1 of 3 YA Contemporaries of Your Choice (up to $10 & INTL Ok) [Keeping the Moon Entry] — Ends Jul 10th, 2017
  4. Any June 2017 YA Release (up to $15) [INTL Ok] — Ends Jul 1st, 2017

Past Giveaways

  1. 5 Copies of Rebel of the Sands (US only)
  2. Birthday Giveaway - 4 Prize Packs
  3. Book of Choice up to $10
  4. Harper Summer Tour-4 Different Giveaways
  5. Choice of YA/NA/MG Mystery Novel (up to $10)
  6. Rebel Belle SERIES and Penguin Teen Tote Bag
  7. Copy of Girl Last Seen & $20 Amazon Gift Card
  8. 5 Copies of FURIOUS (US Only)
  9. March Steampunk Link Up - Book of Choice up to $10
  10. 5 Finished Copies of Summerlost, PB of Atlantia, Copy of Matched
  11. HC of THE GLITTERING COURT and a $25 Gift Card [US Only]
  12. 3 Finished Copies of ESSENTIAL MAPS FOR THE LOST (US Only)
  13. $10 Amazon Gift Card - Steampunk Reading Challenge Link Up
  14. 1 set of The Selection Series (US Only)
  15. 3 Finished Copies of QUEEN OF HEARTS (US Only)
  16. 3 Finished Copies of GIRL ABOUT TOWN (US Only)
  17. 3 Finished Copies of THE WAY BACK TO YOU (US Only)
  18. 1 PB Copy of FINDING AUDREY
  19. 3 Finished Copies of LIES I LIVE BY (US Only)
  20. 1 set of the BOLDLY BOOKISH 2 Tour books [Hold Me Like A Breath, Break Me Like A Promise, The Fixer, The Long Game, & The Leaving]
  22. 3 Finished Copies of SMASH & GRAB (US Only)
  23. 3 Finished Copies of YOU BEFORE ANYONE ELSE (US Only)
  24. 3 Finished Copies of THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR (US Only)
  25. 3 Finished Copies of LOCK & MORI (US Only)
  26. 2 Copies of LABYRINTH LOST with Signed Labyrinth Lost Bookmarks (US & Canada Only)
  27. 3 Finished Copies of OVERDRIVE (US Only)
  28. 3 Finished Copies of THE WOMEN IN THE WALLS (US Only)
  29. 1 Copy of THE CELLAR by Natasha Preston (US & Canada Only)
  30. 1 Copy of INTERFERENCE by Kay Honeyman (International as long as TBD ships to you!)
  31. 5 Finished Copies of WHAT LIGHT by Jay Asher (US Only)
  32. 3 Finished Copies of SHUTTER (US Only)
  33. 3 Finished Copies of PUSHING PERFECT (US Only)
  34. 3 Finished Copies of THE DIABOLIC (US Only)
  35. 5 Hardcover Copies of DOUBLE ECLIPSE (US Only)
  36. 5 Hardcover Copies of THE TURNCOAT'S GAMBIT (US Only)
  37. Signed HC of FLASHFALL, a Flashfall T-Shirt, Patches, Socks, Carabiner, & Wristbands
  38. 3 Finished Copies of THIS IS OUR STORY by Ashley Elston (US Only)
  39. 3 sets of Trouble is a Friend of Mine & Trouble Makes a Comeback (US Only)
  40. 3 Finished Copies of OF FIRE AND STARS by Audrey Coulthurst (US Only)
  41. 1 Copy of THE RIFT UPRISING (US Only!)
  42. 1 full set of the Falling Kingdoms series and 4 copies of a paperback of Falling Kingdoms (US Only!) [5 Winners possible!]
  43. 3 Finished Copies of SPINDLE (US Only!)
  44. 1 set of The Dark Days Club & The Dark Days Pact (HC) and 5 PB copies of The Dark Days Club
  45. 3 signed copies of EMPRESS OF A THOUSAND SKIES (US Only)
  46. 1 Copy of TO CATCH A KILLER (US Only!)
  47. 1 Copy of 10 THINGS I CAN SEE FROM HERE (US Only!)
  48. 2 signed sets of FIRSTLIFE & LIFEBLOOD (US Only!)
  49. 10 Paperback Copies of THE GLITTERING COURT by Richelle Mead (US Only)
  50. 2 Finished Copies of THE WHOLE THING TOGETHER (US & INTL)
  51. 2 Copies of PRETTY FIERCE (US Only)
  52. 2 Copies of PRETTY FIERCE (US Only!)
  53. 3 Finished Copies of SPINDLE FIRE (US Only)
  54. Any YA April 2017 New Release (up to $15) - INTL Ok
  55. 1 of 5 Dragons Love Tacos Book and Toy Sets (US Only!)
  56. 1 Complete Set of Sarah Dessen books in paperback! (US Only!)


  1. Winner must respond to email within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen in their place.
  2. No “giveaway” social media accounts will be accepted as winners.
  3. In Wonderland will verify winner’s entries, and if there is an entry that is false, the winner will be disqualified and a new one will be selected.
  4. With Giveaways hosted by sources outside of In Wonderland (blog tours, publishers, authors, etc.), In Wonderland is not responsible for sending out prizes and cannot be held accountable.
  5. In Wonderland is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. If it’s an International giveaway, the International winner must live in a country that The book Depository ships to.