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Title: Midnight

Author: Salima Korri
Series: N/A
Publisher: Smashwords
Release Date: September 2 2012
Source: eCopy for honest review
Average Rating: 4.67
Challenge: 2013 Page Challenge

Medina Milford is bored. At first she was the good kid but now she is fed up of being alone without a mother or father in the world and is turning in to the school prankster. She’s pretty, popular and she rules her school. She’s not a high school mean girl, but she’s respected.Now things are going to get even more exciting and maybe even scary for Medina, when Eric, a handsome and cheeky seventeen year old, joins Gwendolyn Academy and strange things begin to happen. She meets the dangerous and beautiful twins Isadora and Rosina, the intelligent but wild Olivia, Benjamin dark and jealous and Eric, Mysterious.As a group of new arrivals join her in the halls she becomes suspicious of their behavior. What do all of them have in common? What secrets are they hiding and what happens at Midnight? As she gets to know them better, Medina finds she is at the centre of a world she never knew existed. It unleashes a side to her that she will have to learn to control if she wants to find her happily ever after by midnight.The Supernatural Forces are about to get stronger with Medina around and thus begins a battle between the supernatural beings and a monster that threatens the welfare of everyone.Magic, mystery, romance and supernatural creatures.

First Lines:
“I have always had this dream where I’m with my beautiful mother and handsome father in a forest. The moon is blue and high and not a single could is in sight.”

My Thoughts:

Holy crap, this was written by a 16 year old! I am thoroughly impressed! It was a captivating story. Midnight kept me entertained and the need to keep reading. I loved Medina, the main character. She was entertaining. She is living on her own because her parents died. This is how she describes herself: “My name is Medina, a seventeen year old who lives on her own in an apartment. Obviously funded by the government but its nice enough. I’m a tall girl with raven black hair and deep sapphire blue eyes and sometimes someone you don’t really want to mess with. I’m nicknamed The Menace but don’t be afraid really. If you get in my way, that’s when I will punch you.” She’s just a kickass girl. She sounds like she’d be one of my friends if she were real.
This book had a little bit of everything. Lycanthropy, Vampirism, Witchcraft, Demons, etc. It’s a light read and a lot of fun. There are a few typos, but not too bad. I’d definitely love to see this piece reworked and published again, hopefully by a bigger publishing company, because I think it deserves it.
If you’re into the supernatural/paranormal, pick this up and check it out! It’s worth the read!

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About the Author:

Writing: October 2010 to Present Occupation: Writer, reader, Anime Otaku & movie addict. 

I’m  Salima Korri and I was born on April 5th 1997. I live in London, United Kingdom and I enjoy studying English and History. I hope to become one day, a recognized author, an archaeologist or even a historian. I’m working by day, writing by evening and imagining by night. I love reading and always try to find a bargain for my favourite historical fiction and fantasy books.  I like reviewing books, reading them and writing them. Did I mention the part where I’m a Movie and Anime addict too? No, then run away before I bombard you with my stories. I was first inspired by Mary Kosky’s painting of the girl and the fairy ‘Just add water’. That’s where my imagination truly began.

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