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Title: Hunger for Justice
Author: Kerri Williams
Series: The Moore Justice Trilogy (#1)
Release Date: November 11 2012
Source: eCopy provided for honest review by author
Average Rating: 4.30
Challenge: 2013 Page Challenge

Have you ever felt a hunger so intense it blinds you from everything else in your life? For Claire Moore, her hunger for justice is her coping mechanism, her reason for getting out of bed each morning, struggling to face her day to day life alone after her father and brother were violently taken from her.Other nineteen year olds are at parties and studying at University, living the fun naïve life of a teenager, but in the world of Claire, there was nothing left for her other than the desperate hunger for justice.Unfortunately it’s this hunger that’s driven everyone who cares for her away, unable to watch her place herself in danger any longer and that includes her teenage love, Talon Baker.But true love never really dies and after stumbling upon information to the identity of their murderers, together Talon and Claire are hunted until they can figure out the clues her father left for them.Through her hunger for justice, Claire grows by relinquishing control of her fight and allowing others to love her, even though the fear of losing them is too excruciating bear. (from Goodreads)

First Lines:“Loneliness is one of those things you seem to get used to, especially when everyone you love is dead and the rest treat you like a leper.”
My Thoughts:
I absolutely LOVED this book! I cannot wait to read the rest of the series, which I will this summer! Claire was probably my favorite character ever! (I posted some awesome Claire-esque quotes in the memorable quotes section) This book was so entertaining and fun to read!
Claire is driven and I even liked Talon. But I like guys who have an asshole quality to them. ;P Kerri did an awesome job at building the plot and the characters. The book had a little bit of everything, murder, suspense, romance, etc.
All-in-all, I think people who are into contemporary, suspense, mystery stories should definitely check this series out!
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Memorable Quotes:
“Painting a smile across her face she said in a sickly sweet tone “Talon Baker. And all this time I thought you didn’t like me.””
“Claire sighed heavily before he finished his crude quip, they wouldn’t get anywhere at this rate. “Okay, pookie. What can I do for you?””
“Claire was so tempted to say something witty like, ‘pardon me, pookie. You need my help?’ only the desperation in his voice and the fact he was asking for her help, made her reign in her bitchiness.”
About the Author: (from Goodreads)

Kerri is an Australian Author with a love for romance and suspense and YA, so it was no wonder this love spilled out onto the pages of her novels~TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW, NUDGING CUPID & her latest – THE MOORE TRILOGY-HUNGER FOR JUSTICE, HEART FOR JUSTICE & BLOOD FOR JUSTICE. Kerri lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW (Australia) with the luxury of the lush country with it’s rolling green and golden hills and the coast with its sparkling sea and clean beaches at her doorstep. With such beauty readily available it made it easy to incorporated what Australia has to offer in her novels scenery .She has been writing on and off since she was sixteen when she met the love of her life-her dear husband, and between having two beautiful daughters Kerri kept on writing with the dream of sharing her love for all things romance and suspense with other readers. Kerri is also an active member of RWA- Romance Writers of Australian and hosts many world known Authors and up-coming writers within their blog, Blog Bites. If you would like to find out more about Kerri and her latest goal, achievements and events- pop on over to her blog.

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