Top Ten Tuesday [18]

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Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2014 (bookish, not bookish, or a blend)

1. Read a lot more! Last year, I totally slacked off on the reading and reviewing. So much to the point that I started getting a weird slump of just not reading, or starting to read and then giving up. I don’t know what my problem was last year, but I plan to fix it. I didn’t get a chance to reach my goodreads reading goal and this year I plan to!

2. Be more active on my own blog! Last summer I joined Evie at Bookish along with a few other girls and I love being on Bookish. It is such a great group and I have a blast with the other girls. We seriously have the best group ever. However, I slacked on my own personal blog. But, I plan on being on my own personal blog a lot more. (But, I’m still going to be participating at Bookish as well, because I love it so much!)

3. Buy less books! I know I will always end up buying books however, I’d like to make it a goal to at least read 5 books on my TBR shelf that I already own before I buy another one. 

4. Get fit! I just started doing Zumba a month or so ago and so far I love it and I would really like to continue it and maybe even add more exercise to my daily life. Since my Zumba class is only once a week.

5. WRITE! All I ever wanted was to publish a book and I almost came close to finishing my book in November with NaNoWriMo, but I had life that got in my way. So, I’d like to do a lot more writing within the next year!

6. Win Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo! I had a blast with NaNoWriMo in November and I never want to stop!! I want to always be a part of this challenge, but this time, I want to WIN!

7. Get to know more of you! I love reading other blogs and I love getting know people who are like me: love the written word! I love talking books and I love fangirling about my bookish faves! So, don’t be scared! Leave me a comment and I’ll make sure I go and visit your blog and make the time to get to know a lot of you! I’d love it! I love my Bookish group and those girls are so great and it makes me want to get to know more of all of you!

8. Get back into my letter writing! I have a pen pal in England and one in Germany and I love sending them letters. But I have totally slacked in the past year and I want to change that and maybe even add a couple more pen pals! Interested? Let me know! I think it’d be a cool thing to have a pen pal who is obsessed with books like I am!

9. Getting back to the Reader’s Choice posts! I love that challenge! I usually have a hard time choosing what book to read next so help from all of you guys really makes my day! Plus, it’s just fun! I will probably start that back up this Friday! :]

10. Catch up on my TV shows! I have put a lot of TV shows to the side because I have been wrapped up in so much lately. But I’d love to get back to watching some TV every now and then and finish some of the series I started.

What was your top ten resolutions?


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  1. I need to take your advice on number four! I didn't realize how much time I spent on the couch with a book or in front of my computer until I realized I had put on some pounds 🙁 Great list!

    Here's My TTT

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