TBR Reading Challenge 2015

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Hey everyone! So, as you all may have realized, I have been posting a bit more recently and am really happy about it. Back at the end of October/early November, I had told Evie and Andrea over at Bookish that I needed a break. Once I left Bookish, I felt bittersweet. Bitter because, I love all those girls so much and it’s such a great collaboration and I’m bitter because I unfortunately couldn’t do it anymore. I wasn’t reading anything that was on my shelves, I kept buying books, but then I would realize that they were already reviewed or scheduled to be reviewed by somebody else. Now, I don’t have to worry about that. I’ve already tackled a few books that were on my shelf waiting for me to find them the time to read once I was up to date with Bookish stuff. But I was never up to date.
I still love the girls and we still talk and I am constantly reading their posts daily. Which brings me to my next part. I am going to TACKLE this TBR Reading Challenge head on. I’ve participated in it before, but never succeeded. With me being out of school, with a steady daytime job (and an hour lunch for me to read), plus finally finding myself again; I think I can finally do this and accomplish it! I’ve already been blogging a bit more. I just have to find my groove again.
I encourage you to do the same! Do this challenge with me! All you have to do is click on the button at the top (OR CLICK HERE) and read the post! Who’s with me?!
Anywho, I’m planning on getting to the level of::  31-40: Sweet Summer Fling I know that sounds like a lot. But I have A LOT OF BOOKS that have been sitting on my shelf for FAR TOO LONG!

When I compile a list, I’ll post it on here later!


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