Author Branding

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Author Branding
Okay, so I was having a talk with my friend Paige Rion (author of the Callaway Cove series) and we were talking about author branding. And I was telling her that I don’t think authors should have to be confined to just one genre or one type of story.
I mean there have been a lot of authors who have been generalized as “Oh, she writes Paranormal stories.” or “He writes horror.” But I think that should not be the case. I’ve noticed, lately, that authors are starting to branch out into other genres. And I LOVE that.
Meg Cabot
Women’s Fiction (The Boy Next Door, Queen of Babble, etc)
YA Contemporary/Comedy (The Princess Diaries)
YA Paranormal (Abandon)
Anne Rice
Horror/Paranormal (Interview With A Vampire)
Historical Fiction (Cry To Heaven)
Erotica (Sleeping Beauty Series)
Charlaine Harris
Paranormal Romance (Sookie Stackhouse Series)
Mystery (Aurora Teagarden Series)
Sophie Jordan
Ya Paranormal/Mythological (Firelight Series)
YA Dystopian (Uninvited)
NA Romance (The Ivy Chronicles)
Becca Fitzpatrick
YA Paranormal (Hush, Hush Series)
YA Thriller/Realistic Fiction (Black Ice)
Kasie West
YA Sci-Fi (Picot Point)
YA Contemporary (The Distance Between Us)
Jennifer L. Armentrout
YA Paranormal (Covenant Series, Lux Series)
YA Contemp/Mystery/Thriller (Don’t Look Back)
So let’s talk!
I know that I am missing a lot of authors. (If you think of more, put them down in the comments!) But let’s talk about this. Do you wish that authors stayed in one genre? Or are you like me, that if you love an author’s work you just want to devour everything and anything that they create? There’s no wrong answer. Only opinions. Me, personally? I love that authors are able to branch out. Are there some that should definitely stick to just one genre, absolutely. But there are some that need to just keep spitting out more stories.
As a writer, I also love the idea of not being tied down to only one genre. I have about 20-30 unfinished stories that aren’t in the same genre. I have YA Contemporary, YA Paranormal, NA Romance, etc. I think one of the reasons why I haven’t finished one yet, is because of this weird idea that I might not want to be just a YA Contemporary author or just a YA Paranormal author. Can’t I just be a YA/NA author?
What do you think?

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  1. Stephanie Perkins is releasing a YA contemp horror?! That is awesome! I'm definitely going to have to check that out!

    Thanks for stopping by! I thought this would be an interesting topic!

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