Square in Wonderland: The Distance Between Us

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Contemporary Trope: Rich vs. Poor
We all know about this trope: poor girl meets rich boy and doesn’t feel worthy enough or hates that he has money and she doesn’t or she pushes him away because of their class difference. Yes, it’s a common one, especially within contemporary/romance books. Why? Well, isn’t it everyone’s dream to have some sort of money or be with someone who has money. I mean who wants to struggle for the rest of their lives? I certainly do not want to be living paycheck to paycheck forever and hopefully one day in the future that can happen. But until then, I will continue to read contemporaries that deal with this trope. Now there are some that take it too far. But all-in-all they mean well. So, which book does this discussion come from?

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West was one of the books that were chosen for August. I absolutely loved this book. It was a very quick read, like I think I got through this in about 4 hours. The main character, Caymen, is not only relatable but she is super sarcastic and I love that!
This book definitely deals with the Rich vs. Poor trope that we can see in many contemporaries. While this one was sweet and romantic and just so darn adorable, there were times that I wanted to smack Caymen upside the head because I think she took it a little too far. She was absolutely convinced at one point that Xander was using her in two different ways. 
I am glad that she finally got over it. But sometimes enough is enough. Now even though this part really bugged me, I still really loved the story. I mean it’s a 5 star book in my eyes.
My questions to you guys is: What are the books out there that deal with this kind of trope and you just shake your head at the characters? What are the books that have this sort of trope but it doesn’t bother you? Why do you think that a lot of gravitate towards these kinds of stories? Is it just because we’re all dreaming and wishing that could be us? Or is it something else?
Some Books wWith Rich vs. Poor Tropes:
The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James (come on who DOESN’T want an entrepreneur who just so happens to be super rich?)
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (I know it’s not contemporary, but it does have this trope)
Crash by Vanessa Waltz
Written on Her Heart by Paige Rion
Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally
Let’s Talk!
I know that there are a bunch more out there! So let’s talk about it! What are your favorites? I’d love to read more of them. Do you tend to stay away from this kind of trope? Why or why not?

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