NaNoWriMo 2015 [Writing Update]

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NaNoWriMo 2015

So, it has been a VERY LONG time since I have updated you all on my writing process. And well, that’s because since Camp in July… I haven’t really done a whole lot in the terms of writing. I wrote half of a short story since then but that’s about it.

Today is DAY TWO of NaNoWriMo 2015 and I am behind. Yesterday I started writing at 8 in the morning and I accomplished 363 words, which is a lot less than I wanted to. But I’m just starting this novel and the beginning is always the most difficult. It’s like once I start writing, I get a good flow but the actual beginning of it, not so much. So after I got a couple paragraphs done, I had breakfast and got ready because I had to go to a baby shower. After the 5 hour long baby shower, I got home put on my PJs and called it a night. I was DRAINED. Which was probably partly because of the Halloween party I went to on Saturday night and didn’t get home until 3 in the morning but really if the time didn’t change it was 4 in the morning…

So, I haven’t written anything yet today but I am going to. I just wanted to do a quick Writing Update for you all before I started up my writing for the day!

I will be doing daily (or mostly daily) updates on my Instagram, so be sure to follow that 🙂 I’m hoping to do weekly updates here on my blog. And as always, you are more than welcome to add me as a buddy on the NaNoWriMo website 🙂 I highly encourage you to do this if you are partaking in NaNo as well! I think writing buddies are super important!

My Project

So, in October I started re-plotting my project titled: Seven. Which is about seven sisters who each possess one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Oh and they’re witches. My brain went on such an overload with this project that by the end of October, I had no idea where this story was going and I just didn’t feel connected to it at the moment. So, I switched my project TWO DAYS before NaNo started! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Oh well, I say that if you aren’t feeling it save it for another time and move on to something that you are feeling, because otherwise, you’re not going to get to it. So, what AM I working on for NaNo?
The Chromasian Chronicles: Book One (Untitled and series name is still “working”). This story is a YA Fantasy about witches, wars, and vengeance. The magic in this world is determined by colors as are the witches within it. I don’t have a full plot for this yet but hopefully I have enough to get me to 50K in 30 days 🙂

What Keeps Me Sane During NaNo?

My writing buddies. I still keep in touch with the #RoyalWriters however, my main writing peeps are Dana (DanaSquare) and Hannah (Tomes and Tea). These girls keep me sane and keep me motivated. All 3 of us will slay our projects this year, or at the very least do the best we’ve ever done for any other NaNo. 
If you’re in the need for a writing buddy and don’t have any or want more, I am always looking for more people to be in my inner circle of keeping me sane during the writing process. So, email me, tweet me, leave a comment, whatever. Just REACH OUT!


Here are all the places you can find me and reach out to me during NaNoWriMo (or any other time as well!)
Add me as a buddy:

Let’s talk about it!

Are you joining in on NaNoWrimo? Are you an aspiring writer or a published author? What are you most excited about in the Writing World? Do you think I’m crazy for switching my projects like I did? Leave a comment and let’s talk!


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