Santa’s Little Helpers: Best Supporting Characters

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Santa’s Little Helpers: Best Supporting Characters
Hello, Darlings!
I cannot believe how fast this month is already flying by! For today’s edition of the 12 Days of Christmas, I bring you Santa’s Little Helpers: Best Supporting Characters! Narrowing down this list to only five was a massive challenge, but I took some inspiration from Santa’s favorite elves and make some tough decisions to get the job done! So without further ado, I bring you my top 5 best Supporting characters *cue holiday cherub cheer singing* 

Jesper from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

If you still haven’t gotten your little Christmas spirit hands on Six of Crows, then I suggest you SERIOUSLY rethink your life. I devoured this book. It’s basically every awesome teen movie you ever saw combined with every amazing heist you movie you ever saw. There’s action, romance, thrills, and lots of comedy provided by the one and only Jesper. He’s the right hand man of the elusive and mysterious Kaz Brekker. Along with a band of misfits that bound together on the streets of Ketterdam, Jesper aides them in major ass kicking. He’s the most handsome, easygoing thief you’ve ever met, AND funny too. What else could a girl need? I mean, yeah there’s that bit about the gambling problem, and maaaayyybbee he doesn’t obey the law. But, did I mention he’s funny?

Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

I’m sure Ms. Lovegood needs no introduction, BUT just in case you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, or simply haven’t picked this series up yet (*ahem* STEPHANIE) Luna Lovegood is a fellow Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she is delightful. Luna is the number 1 fan of The Quibbler and is a lover of all things gentle and kind. She often finds herself the victim of Nargule trickery, and has been called “Looney Luna Lovegood” by those who just simply don’t understand her. What I would NOT GIVE to have an entire series from Luna’s point of view. She is strange yes, but that’s what makes her so likeable. Her gentle spirit and soft spoken voice somehow manage to speak louder than the loudest {INSERT PLANT NAME} throughout the entire series. She is every kind of best friend I ever wanted growing up (still do) and every kind of brave there is.

Simon from The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare

My dear, Simon, oh how I love thee. Simon is the best friend of demon hunting Shadow Hunter Clary Fray, and the best “just friends” guy friend around. Not only is he in a band, but he’s sweet AND sensitive. Basically, Simon is the boy next door holding a puppy surrounded by floating cherubs in a Care Bears commercial. He is smart, extremely funny and sarcastic. Simon is also incredibly versatile: need someone to echo you when you shut down the rude girl from class? Simons got your back! Need to vent about your demon hunting hot af boyfriend? Simon’s there! Simon basically had got your back, and he’s adorable. Need I say more?

IKO from the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

Oh IKO, what I would not give to have you become the new Siri on my phone. IKO is the feisty robot best friend of Cinder. She is basically a sassy fangirl robot, and I want to be her. IKO can easily give anyone the verbal smackdown (as long as she doesn’t get too worked up she overheats). Cinder and IKO’s dialogue had me laughing out loud throughout the entire series. Sometimes she felt like Cinder’s annoying little sister while others she was a raging Mama Bear. She kept the heavy parts of the book light, and always managed to bring Cinder back down to Earth.

Lucien from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Lucien is the best wingman around. Not only does he help The Spring Court’s master Tamlin keep all international affairs in order, but he also gives terrible relationship advice. Free of charge! Tamlin and Lucien’s relationship felt very reminiscent of Harry and Ron’s dynamic in Harry Potter. It was almost like the bickering of brothers, and the fierce loyalty that comes with years of friendship. Lucien supplied many a laugh throughout the series and was arguably the bravest (if not foolish) of them all. Not only did I love his relationship with Tamlin, but also any interaction he had with Feyre was priceless. They went from insulting each other to almost friendship. And it warmed my little fangirl heart.

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So, what do you think? Anyone that clearly should have been on this list? Let me know in the comments!!


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