15 Days In: Resolution Update!

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15 Days in: Resolution Update!             

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Hello, Darlings!

      How are you? Good? Snazzy? Peachy keen, jelly bean? ME TOO! I don’t know what it is about the New Year, but I feel like I spend the whole of January with soooo muuuch energy towards life. I want to change all the things! Improve all the things! And I can’t stop planning. I made myself an entire yearly calendar, a big poster board calendar view for each month, and weekly spreadsheets. I’ve gone planning crazy (Ain’t even mad). With all this planning leads me kind of wondering: will I actually continue this trend throughout the whole year? I mean, everyone makes big resolutions and rarely keeps them each year. But, I feel like I really want to make the effort this time to change/improve the things about my personal/blogging life that I feel need revision!
      Because of this, I thought it might be cool to do a resolution update every month. No better way to keep myself accountable than having to type out every month how much I am either 1) sucking or, 2) kicking some serious resolution butt. This months update will really only be my update as of fifteen days into the new year, but my next will be a full months worth of possible resolution wins and fails. This not only will help myself stay motivated, but also supply some serious reminiscing to my future self this time next year. Because this is primarily a book blog, I am going to try and focus more on my bookish resolutions as opposed to none book related, but I might throw in some others here and there.

Re-Cap 2016 Resolutions:

1.  Read 100 books, and actually log them all into Goodreads 

I have made progress on this one! I revamped my Goodreads account, added all the books that I can’t wait for into my “to-read” shelf, annnnnd I set my yearly goal of reading 100 books over the course of the year. I have completed my first one (Cress by Marissa Meyer!) and it’s been logged!
2. DEMOLISH my long term TBR pile on my book shelf

– Not gonna lie, not as successful on this front. I got a bunch of books for Christmas that have been promptly moved to the front of my TBR, but I intend to get there! I have put myself on a book buying ban in hopes that this will motivate me to read all of the books that I already own and have yet to read. 
3. Try out manga

Progress on this as well! I went into Half Price Books with my best friend yesterday, and had her walk me through the Manga section. Still incredibly intimidating, but I have my sights set on a few series that I am waiting to purchase. 
4. Finish the Song of Ice And Fire Series

– I have made zero progress besides gazing at my beautiful leather bound collection of this series on my shelf. Go ME!
5. Read more graphic novels 

– (Semi) Progress made! I purchased my spirit animal my favorite illustrator Frannerd’s zine over Christmas and it finally came a week ago! Read and loved it. I wish I could frame like every page. 
6. Re-read the entire Harry Potter Series

 I mustn’t tell lies…..Sadly no progress made. 
7. Learn how to take better book blog photos

– Ha! Ha-ha….ha yeah no. That picture you see up by the header? Taken from weheartit.com
8. Do more book talks

-Planned my darlings! PLANNED!
9. Up my NaNoWriMo game

– I actually forgot this was on my resolutions list. Fail. 
10. Find my blogging “voice” 

– On it’s way! I love blogging, and I want it to be something that I can put on my resume, and be proud to show my friends and family. I might be putting a tad too much pressure behind the idea, but I still don’t feel like I’ve made any steps closer to finding my “voice.”

So, What do you think??

Do you like this idea? How are your resolutions going?? Let me know! Share your updates with me! Hit me up down in the comments, or talk me up on Twitter @Lizalee_ 🙂
Until next time, my darlings!


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