Crack Pot Theories: Throne of Glass 5! *SPOILERS*

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Crack Pot Theories: Throne of Glass 5 *Spoiler Warning*


Hello, Darlings!

So, I don’t know about you, but the Throne of Glass series is one of my absolute favorite book series ever. Waiting for the next book to come out every year is a consistent torture that I have learned to (semi)cope with. I’m about as patient as a hungry new born, so the waiting game is a significant struggle for me. My methods of coping have changed over time, but my personal favorite it talking about my crack pot theories of what could happen next!
My friends and I usually go hang out at a coffee shop and take turns arguing over what IS SO OBVIOUS or who will totally get with who. Sometimes we get so into our discussions, we talk for hours. I feel like this is one of the best ways to bond with a fellow book lover!! I miss that feeling, so I thought it would be fun if I shared my theories with you all, and you can let me know yours down in the comments! Please don’t kill me if you don’t like my theories 😀 These theories are based off the most recent book, so you have been warned! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! If you’re not all caught up, go read and come back!

*spoiler buffer*

Crack Pot Theories: 

– Manon and Dorian is a thing. And will forever be a thing. Yas.
– Manon and Aelin ultimate alliance? I could totally see those two kicking ass together in perfect harmony. 
-Lysandra and Aeidon a thing? 
-Lysandra and Aelin girl power force of a thousand suns! I was so happy to see that Aelin got another girl best friend 
-Elide will be the eventual key (pun intended) to everything? I feel like we are going to spend the last books seeing them meet and not realize it until the timing is finally perfect.
– Some sort of epic Arobynn comeback. I JUST HAVE THIS FEELING OKAY. I was getting all kinds of ghostly vibes
– Aelin will end up being immortal. HAS to happen for Her and Rowan to remain a thing. HAS TOO
– The southern continent that Chaol was going towards at the end of QoS will totally end up as an aly to Aelin. Whether Chaol does some kind of foreign diplomacy, or just ‘cuz!! They need some support here
– Rowan will somehow convince his cadre of Feye warriors to fight on Aelin’s side. We need an army here!!!
– Aelin and Chaol heart to heart. There better be some serious I’m sorries by the end. 

So, what do you think?

Send me your theories my loves!! I MUST KNOW THAT I’M NOT ALONE! 

One response to “Crack Pot Theories: Throne of Glass 5! *SPOILERS*

  1. M.A

    im not going to lie, I was a little disappointed between the coldness of Aelin and Chaol. I might have been naive in thinking they would rekindle something, or some kind inkling of affection would remain that would prompt Chaol to try and win back Aelin. Don’t get me wrong I love Rowan- Fae, old but young, and ultimate fighting kickass warrior- how perfect is he for Aelin? I mean com’on, he’s seeeeeeeeewwwww majestic.
    I just wish he was introduced somehow someway in the beginning of the series so that i (or we) could’ve invested and appreciate his role as her ultimate love interest( I hope that he is, I couldn’t handle a new. Chaol was there from the first book (i have yet to read the prequel 😛 ) and I always thought he’s be with her. Im not mad about Rowan, I just wish it didn’t feel like an unplanned development by Mass.

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