New Year’s Resolutions!

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Hello, Darlings

Happy New Years!

Wow time flies. This past year as been an interesting year for me! I’m hoping for a fresh start in 2016, how about you? There are SO MANY new adventures awaiting me in the New Year. It should be a big one for me, and I’m really lucky to have you all by my side! I have big plans, and to help motivate myself to stick to them, I am going to share all my resolutions/goals with you all!

Where do I even begin? This next year will mark two years with my adorable boyfriend, getting my AA-T degree, and trying out self employment (I’m only on day 2 and it’s thrilling yet terrifying). I turn twenty in February, and my goal for the year is to get my adult life together! Doing that is hard, it entails:

2016 “Adult-ing” Goals

1. Go to yoga everyday, come on self! We can doooo it.
2. Keep to a monthly budget via Excel spreadsheet
2.5. Learn how to make an Excel spreadsheet
3. Maintain a fulfilling job, whether that IS self employment, or elsewhere
4. Get a cat, feed said cat! Keep cat healthy! Think of hilariously witty name for cat!
5. Successfully figure out how to take public transportation to the 4-year that I am transferring too, there I will be finishing up my BA! (This is a lot harder than it sounds, where I live public transportation is the least common mode of travel. But parking passes are ridiculously expensive)
Along with my real life goals, I have so many reading goals! Since I will no longer be working a traditional job, I have so much more reading time! I also need to build up new reading interests to write about here on In Wonderland 🙂 

2016 Bookish Goals

1. Read 100 books, and actually log them all into Goodreads 
2. DEMOLISH my long term TBR pile on my book shelf
3. Try out manga
4. Finish the Song of Ice And Fire Series
5. Read more graphic novels 
6. Re-read the entire Harry Potter Series
7. Learn how to take better book blog photos
8. Do more book talks
9. Up my NaNoWriMo game
10. Find my blogging “voice” 

What do you think?!

Let me know your resolutions! What are you most looking forward to in 2016? Hit me up in the comments, or on Twitter @Lizalee_ 

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