1 Month Resolution Update!

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Hello, Darlings!

How are you?? Good? Great! Like I mentioned last month, throughout the course of this year I am going to be doing resolution updates! Half to let you lovely people know about my life and half to motivate me to keep it up!! From my own past experience, I have the HARDEST time keeping up any resolutions two weeks after January 1. After all the “new year, new me” vibes have passed, it’s soooo easy to just let all those big plans you made slide away. But not this year!! I am actually quite proud of myself for keeping up with the majority of them, so sit back, relax, and read about my bookish/life perils:

Re-Cap 2016 Resolutions:

1.  Read 100 books, and actually log them all into Goodreads

 I have continued to make some pretty good progress on this one! As of today, I have finished 6 out of 100 books for the year. I am also currently reading two books, and happily on schedule! This is seriously SO satisfying. I understand why people really enjoy doing this now.  Hopefully I can maintain a decent reading month this month, to keep up with my goal. If not, I have some serious spring break/summer binge reading plans. 

2. DEMOLISH my long-term TBR pile on my bookshelf

– This has been a total fail. I think out of the six books I have read so far this year, only one of those books has been from my long-term TBR. It has been a serious struggle to not keep reading all the new books that are coming out this year! Along with my classes, my self-control as far as reading goes has been slim to none. 

3. Try out manga

– Again, fail. Zero progress on this front since last month. I really have no excuse for slacking, too many books, so little time!!

4. Finish the Song of Ice And Fire Series

– I AM FAILING SO MUCH on this one. The new season is coming out soon, maybe that will motivate me? 
5. Read more graphic novels

– Soooome progress on this front. I have found a few novels that I want to read, but haven’t actually started to read them yet. 
6. Re-read the entire Harry Potter Series

 I mustn’t tell lies…..Sadly no progress made…..at all…..still
7. Learn how to take better book blog photos

– Progress! I did some research on good photo editing apps, bought some pretttty fonts, and have started to play around with my new knowledge. Still have a lot to learn as far as cool composition, but I’m proud of the progress so far! 
8. Do more book talks

-Kind of! I have a few planned, but I’m having a hard time putting them together in a way that I like. We shall see!! 
9. Up my NaNoWriMo game

– MAJOR progress on this one! Thanks to the help of my fellow blogger Stephanie, I have outlined like nobodys business, and just started to really start to write it all out. I am so excited about my story. 
10. Find my blogging “voice”

– Progress as well!! I feel like I’m really starting to get into the groove of things, I even launched my own blog! If you feel so inclined, you can go check it out! It’s fleursetnerds.wordpress.com I am feeling quite proud of it 🙂 Along with my own blog, I feel like I’m doing so much better on here as well! I have much better sense of what I want to talk about and have been pre-writing posts like nobody’s business.

So, what do you think?

Tell me your thoughts my darlings!! Are you keeping up with your resolutions? What do you think of my progress/fails? Let me know down in the comments, or find me on Twitter @nerddelizzie

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