How To: Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends

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How To: Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Hello, Darlings!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! As I’ve mentioned before, Valentine’s Day is one of my top favorite holidays. I think I might be a tad alone on that thought, since most people loathe a day filled with consumerism love and gloating. I am very lucky in life to have already met my Valentine, so not only is this day filled with love between my girlfriends and I, but also my amazing boyfriend. And yes, I just knoooooow what you’re thinking. Of course I love Valentine’s Day! I have a Valentine! Well let me just stop you right there! I would like to argue that you all already have a Valentine as well. He/She’s sitting on your bookshelf. 
I spent many a Valentine’s day swooning over my book boyfriend. We went on lavish dates, and he’s even treated me to many an expensive gift. No, my darlings I’m not crazy. Just in love really. Allow me to explain. A book boyfriend/girlfriend is a fictional character that you would date in real life. Silly it might sound, but don’t underestimate the power of imagination. So, while you’re making Valentine’s for your friends, coworkers, pets, and family: I will walk you through finding your book soulmate. 

The How To:

Step 1: Create a list of desires

This can be anywhere from physical, emotional, and personality attributes that your true love must have. Type it out on the “Notes” app in your phone, make a collage on Pic Monkey ( it’s great for this stuff), a Word Doc, or go old school markers and paper. This step is vital!! After all, you have to know what you’re looking for before you set out searching. 

Step 2: Hunt

Know, you can go hunting in various places. I recommend staring with your book shelves. Look at your books and try and remember the guys/gals in them. Does some stand out? Do you remember swooning over one for days? Months? Years? If you’re having trouble, start searching else where. Look at your GoodReads page, go to a book store, or hit up your Tumblr page. Chances are you’re bound to find some inspiration along the way.

Step 3: Ask Him/Her Out

Once you have decided on a book boyfriend/girlfiend, you’re going to need to test the waters. Take him/her out on a coffee date. Does he/she know what you’re going to want to order at Starbucks? Can he/she keep your attention in a crowded coffee house? Next, try other locations. Can you read his/her smooth talk over and over again? Do they match your mood rain or shine? I recommend taking him/her with you everywhere. Read and reread their scenes. Become one with your love.

Step 4: Going Steady

Clearly, you now know whether or not you two are compatible. Figure out if you would really want to go steady. Can you dream about your book boy/girlfriend at night? Do you find yourself creating your own ship names? Once you’ve reached that stage you are golden. 

Step 5: Visuals

Now Ladies and Gents, Tumblr, Pinterest, Deviant Art, We Heart It, and Google images are going to be your new best friends. Look up fan art, movie castings, pro and con charts, fan fic, and even make some of your own to really set the mood. I do not care how old you are, looking through all this stuff is beyond fun. Take your smart phone/tablet out to a nice dinner date, and start searching. Create an image in your head, and go from there. 

Step 6: Don’t Laugh

You’re going to feel really silly doing all this. Obviously, nothing beats real world connection. But for a lonely nerd on Valentine’s Day? I say: what’s the hurt! Focus on treating yourself. Take yourself out to dinner and bring your book boyfriend/girlfriend. Read while you eat. Treat yo self to those shoes, or that print you’ve been eyeing up on Etsy. Tell yourself that book boy/girlfriend bought it for you! Above all, give some lovin to the books you read. Your Valentine is on it’s way, so why not do a little fan girl collage while you wait? 

So, what do you think?

Above all else my Darlings, don’t forget to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. Lavish gifts and cheesy Instagram posts will be gone by tomorrow. Learn how to treat yourself and spend a little quality me time. Day dream about what it will be like when your Valentine does come along. What will you be like? What do you want to accomplish first? Who is your book boy/girlfriend? Let me know down in the comments, or find me on Twitter @Lizalee_ 🙂
Until next time my Darlings 🙂 

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