Dragon Marked [Review]

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Dragon Marked [Review]Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve
Series: Supernatural Prison #1
Published by Skyscape on November 17th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal
Pages: 256
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
Series Rating: three-stars
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As a wolf shifter with razor-sharp senses, Jessa Lebron can perceive the slightest change in the air. And her lupine instincts go into overdrive right before her mother, who abandoned her years ago, returns to the pack bearing secrets that change everything.

The biggest secret of all: Jessa is dragon marked, a designation that places her in grave danger. The dragon marked are destined to resurrect the dragon king, a fearsome ancient warmonger. And they must be eliminated.

Soon Jessa is locked up in Vanguard, the notorious paranormal prison that houses criminal vampires, feys, and magic users. Thankfully, she’s not alone: Braxton Compass, her best friend and a dragon shifter, has her back. Jessa and Braxton must find a way to free themselves and the rest of the dragon marked. But can her pack mates help her stop the dragon king before his deadly return?

Revised edition: This edition of Dragon Marked includes editorial revisions.

Coolest book about supernaturals ever?

Erm… it could go both ways.

What I Liked:

  • Jessa has spunk and no filter. She has no problems giving people her two cents.
    Dragon shifters are awesome, hands down.
  • The concept – a supernatural community just to guard a prison for supernatural criminals? Oh, and those prisons are being broken into and no one knows how? Plus, the main character is dragon marked (prophesized to raise some sort of dragon king of a thousand years ago) and the Quads (aka four brothers who turn heads everywhere they turn) are supposed to hunt and kill her? Grabby hands ensues. Because I just adore potential best friends turned murderer type of stories.
  • Possessiveness: I normally really hate possessiveness, but Jaymin Eve doesn’t overplay it. Possessiveness is a part of the culture for the supernaturals, but Jessa isn’t sheltered.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Does anyone have a problem with an entire family ruling most of the American Supernatural council? I mean, there’s a scuffle or two that carries as the main plot of the first book, but for the most part, almost everyone is completely okay with the Quads taking over 4/5 of the council.
  • Every page or two (maybe a little more), there’s a bomb of information about the supernaturals. Some are repetitive with the usual tropes, but I might be okay with that. Just a little.
  • Eve has humor throughout the book, but um… too much information sometimes. It doesn’t clash too well with Jessa’s personality. No filter humor? Little kid guilty of peeking at the wrong time.

All in all, Dragon Marked does have potential. But while there might be one plot in just one book, the overall arc of the story is primarily set up with lots of information.

And tootles to everyone who handles a no filter main character with the occasional weird humor better than me.


3 responses to “Dragon Marked [Review]

  1. Alecia

    Not my typical type of book tbh but I’m always up for something different if it peaks my interest. The whole concept is somewhat intriguing to me though I have never read any werewolf series before so I’m not sure what I’d be getting into. The characters seem interesting enough and the story pretty cool so I don’t know I might give this a go. Great review!

  2. Debbie

    Dragon Marked sounds like an enticing supernatural read but it’s something I usually wouldn’t pick up to read if I seen it on the shelf at the book store. Jessa does however sound like an fun character whom I’d probably enjoy reading about and the whole supernatural community guarding a prison for supernatural criminals sounds awesome!

  3. Oh no, big blocks of information every few pages? That enough is too much for me to handle. It just gets too much and ends up with a stop start storyline that you can’t really get into. I don’t mind tropes either Soph, but as long as they’re well written. It sounds a little underwhelming to be honest. I’m still glad you could still enjoy it though Soph, wonderful review <3
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