Bookish Things My Husband Is Sick Of

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I am married to a nerd. But unfortunately for me, not a book nerd. My husband loves all things science. So he will read, if it’s science articles. I’ve recently bought him comic books that he will read when he gets bored. But that is the extent of his bookish qualities. Now, does that mean we don’t have anything to talk about? Absolutely not. We talk about lots of stuff. And ironically, he teaches me a lot about science. However, I know that there are times where he just wants me to shut the hell up. So, since I think this is hysterical. I’ve come up with a list of things my husband is either sick of or sick of hearing. 🙂

Also, this post was inspired by Jamie @ The Perpetual Page Turner

“I didn’t spend a lot! I Promise!”

GIF book pile

Every time I go to the book store (usually Half Price Books) I end up buying piles of books to add to my insane collection at home. And every time, Joe is so concerned with how much I spent on books.

“Just let me finish this chapter and we can go!”

GIF almost done

I usually end up bringing a book with me no matter where I go. “Oh, we’re gonna go drink at a friends house and play games? Okay, let me just make sure I have a book and my kindle packed, too!” Is what goes on in my brain…

“Aren’t these so pretty?!”


A recent case is when I bought A Court of Mist and Fury and I immediately grabbed ACOTAR and turned to my husband and was like, “LOOK AT THE PRETTIES! Which cover do you think is prettier?” (in case you wanted to know he said A Court of Mist and Fury’s cover is better)

“Oooh, that’s based off a book! I need it!”

GIF i need it

So, every time we see a trailer for a movie or TV show and it’s based off of a book, I immediately turn to him and say, “I need that book” and then “We’re gonna watch that!” Needless to say, I usually am the one who watches and he does something else.

“My books NEED a HOME!”


I currently have 3 bookcases dedicated to my books and those are double or triple stacked. It’s in the works of Joe building me shelves, but we have so many other things to do around the house that this project keeps getting pushed back. But every single time I get more books (which is a lot, I have a problem) I tell him that my books need a home! (In fact, I told him before I moved in with him over 2 years ago, that my books were coming with me).

“BOOKSTORE!! Let’s go!”

GIF books

Every time we’re out and about and I see a bookstore, I immediately head in that direction. I think he’s just given up by now. Poor Joe.

“OMG and then he did this and that!”

GIF tv in your head

I sometimes talk to Joe about fictional characters as if it were truly happening to my life. I think at this point he ignores me half of the time. I do this about TV shows too.

**Sniffs book** Looks at Joe, “Yes, that just happened.” **Joe shakes his head**

GIF book smell

I don’t think I need any explanation as to sniffing a book. 😀

Let’s Talk About It

Do you do any of these? Do you do anything else, that maybe I forgot to mention?


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  1. This is my life! Right here. My husband is a science and technology nerd. He reads a little (Patrick Rothfuss, Scott Lynch) but mostly reads articles and books about very complicated things. Like your husband, mine teaches me lots. Also like your husband, mine looks at me like I’m super strange for my obsession with books. But he can be really sweet too, like bringing me to the bookstore for a date and whispering to me, “Pick one!”. It’s nice. Thanks for illustrating my relationship with my husband through gifs! 🙂

    • haha, our husbands sound alike. I have caught mine reading a book other than a comic book, like once or twice. And it was a William H. Lovejoy book. So, he likes to read war thrillers/espionage types of stuff (but only if he’s got nothing else to do, haha). Otherwise, my husband is constantly reading articles about science and technology.

      Glad to know, I’m not the only one who married a nerd, who wasn’t a booknerd. 🙂
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