Camp Nanowrimo July: Week One Update [Stephanie]

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Every Friday I will post a weekly update on my previous week of Camp Nanowrimo. If you’re a writer, I highly suggest you try a Camp Nanowrimo (April and July sessions) or even a full fledged Nanowrimo in November. This is my fourth year in participating in these Nanowrimo events and it is my first year deciding to keep a track of my progress, which I think will be a great thing! **I got this idea from my friend, Andrea, who is also in my cabin this month! :)**

Project: A World of Secrets (WT)

This is a collaboration with Lizzie!

Word Count Stats

Total Words Written: 3458

Words Written This Week: 3458

Words Left: 56,642

Writing Samples

First Sentence I Wrote: She was a walking contradiction.

Last Sentence I Wrote: He’s ridiculous! Nessa thinks as her blood starts to curdle. Needing a smile, she heads towards Penelope’s rooms.

My Favorite Line/Sentence: While I’m flattered, My Lord, the fact that you think I’m immortal baffles me.

My Favorite Scene: I only wrote 1 scene so far… :/ And Lizzie wrote the other. We’re a bit behind as of right now.

Writerly Feelings

I’m Feeling: Behind.

What I Learned: Life is busy.

My Best Writing Session: Friday July 1st or Monday July 4th

Thing To Keep In Mind Next Week: Just keep writing, even if it sucks.

Let’s Talk About It!

Are you participating in this camp session of Nanowrimo? I always love talking to other writers and making friends, so let me know in the comments! You can find my profile for Camp Nanowrimo here!


6 responses to “Camp Nanowrimo July: Week One Update [Stephanie]

  1. So glad you’re joining in on weekly updates! It’s a great way to learn about your writing process and also have a journal of the event!
    I’m behind also but we can do this! Good luck to you and wishing you lots and lots of words!
    Here’s my week one update:

    • thanks love for the idea! Unfortunately, I am switching projects. Lizzie and I just haven’t had the time to collab the past couple weeks. So, I’m going to work on an older WIP and write this one when Lizzie and I have the time to.

      So, this week’s update will be.. well, interesting. haha
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