The Books Find a Home

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For the past decade or so, I had been living with a horrible desk. Not that it didn’t do it’s job or have a ton of storage, but it was designed for a different time (not to mention it didn’t match any of my other furniture). So, armed with money I probably shouldn’t be spending and a GPS with directions to IKEA, I decided that I was buying myself a new desk.

If you’ve never been to an IKEA, here’s a tip: prepare yourself beforehand. It’s completely overwhelming. Thankfully, I did some research before I went and knew exactly what I wanted. And it just so happens, the desk I wanted came with a convenient, giant bookcase. (I also came home with a sister, but I may have had that before).


That’s the other reason I wanted a desk: book storage. For years, I had been stacking my books inside my tiny closet bookshelf and shoving them in the cabinet under my nightstand. I had run out of room. The piles of books that I fell over every time I stepped out of bed were proof of that. So, when I found a desk that incorporated both practicality, style, and book storage, I was instantly sold. And thus, Emily’s secretary desk became a reality.



Okay, it wasn’t quite a reality yet. First, I had to build the thing. Thankfully, my dad was there to assist, so the task really wasn’t that hard. Despite dealing with a puppy who was moping since we weren’t playing with him. After an afternoon of construction, my desk was finally complete and ready to fill.




Then began the task of finding homes for my books. I could have alphabetized them or organized them by color. Instead, I designed my own system, which each shelf occupying a specific purpose. Hopefully, the TBR shelf size will help control just how many books wind up on my TBR list, but no promises there. Now that I’ve been staring at my bookshelf for a few weeks, I have to say that I love them. There’s nothing quite like walking in your room and instantly seeing all your books. It reminds me to pick up and read a book every day.


Of course, as it turns out, one giant bookshelf might not be enough for me. Since I’ve set up the desk, I’ve already started rearranging books…and shoving a few back under my nightstand. Oh well, the desk is still fabulous…and worth every penny.

IMG_6972 IMG_6973

What do you think?

How do you store your books? Do you find yourself rearranging your books often just to find enough space? How do you arrange your bookshelf?


4 responses to “The Books Find a Home

  1. I am still waiting for my library/office. We’ve had so many other things that needed to be done around the house first. But one of these days it will be done. But for now, I have 3 bookcases that are double and triple stacked and 2 mini shelves that are filled and the rest are in piles on the floor…
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    • Emily

      Ahh! So many books! I can so relate to the piles. I know it’s time to find them a home when I start tripping over them every day!

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