Top Ten Tuesday [102]

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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there is a different bookish top ten list. Join in on the fun!

Top Ten Favorite TV Villains (All About Villains!)


Kilgrave (played by David Tennant)

Omg, David Tennant played Kilgrave SO WELL! I loved him as the Doctor in Doctor Who and was super curious how he’d do as a villain, and let me tell you. I still love him as much as I did before, if not more. If you have not seen the Netflix original, Jessica Jones then you need to do so pronto! Especially if you’re a superhero fan!


Benjamin Linus (played by Michael Emerson)

I had a love/hate relationship with Lost. Well, at least with the last episode. But one of the things that I loved was the main villain (towards the end he was like a co-antagonist) Benjamin Linus. I really wouldn’t mind rewatching this series. I just wish it had ended differently. (From the very beginning I had it pegged, but I was hoping for some other kind of ending)…


Regina Mills (played by Lana Parilla)

Regina was the main villain for Once Upon A Time for a few seasons and she was wonderful! One of my all time favorite villains. However, she is also one of my all time favorite heroes, too. So, I guess some villains really can be redeemed. 🙂 Plus, her wardrobe is probably the best ever!


The Silence and The Weeping Angels (from Doctor Who)

I couldn’t decide between these two. I love them both for very different reasons! Some of my favorite Doctor Who episodes include one of these villains. What’s your favorite Doctor Who villain?


Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson (played by Joseph Morgan)

Oh man, I loved Klaus as one of the villains from The Vampire Diaries. I have a lot to catch up with his spin-off series (The Originals) but I love that show even more than TVD. And I am STILL on the Klaroline ship!


Victoria Grayson (played by Madeleine Stowe)

Even though the lines can get blurry on whether Victoria or Emily is the bad guy. But honestly, I think Victoria is worse than Emily… I still have to watch the final season though.


Christopher Pelant (played by Andrew Leeds)

Pelant is one of the scariest guys within the show Bones. He is so smart and everything he does could potentially happen in real life which makes him a scary dude. Hands down one of my favorite fictional serial killers/villains


3XK Killer (Jerry Tyson) and Kelly Nieman (played by Michael Mosley & Annie Wersching)

They were one interesting duo. From faking deaths to framing Castle, they were an excellent villain duo!


James MacPherson (played by Roger Rees)

My husband and I just started watching Warehouse 13 again and MacPherson has to be a great villain to be put on this list!


Raymond “Red” Reddington (played by James Spader)

Red is one of my favorite characters of all time! I absolutely love him regardless of his villainous qualities!

What’s on your top ten this week? What TV villains am I missing? Cause I know I’m missing a lot…


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  1. Red is definitely one of my favourite TV villains. James Spader plays him with so much complexity I want him to succeed even when I’m not sure what his endgame is.

    My TTT

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