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Hello everyone!! As you may have noticed, I’ve been a little MIA in the past few weeks due to the holidays and spending lots of time with both my husband’s family and my family. Mainly due to the fact that we announced at Christmas the gender of our little bundle of joy that will be here on/around April 30! Can you believe that I’m 24 weeks pregnant and only have about 16 weeks left until my baby is here!!? I am super excited and I thought that I’d share the news with you in case you haven’t seen it on social media already!

I made these ornaments for our family members for the reveal at Christmas and let’s just say that my mother is beyond ecstatic. I mean she was screaming and crying with joy that Joe and I are having a baby girl. There aren’t too many girls in my family to begin with and my grandma started doing this thing with having a picture in the frame of the first female in each generation (starting with her mom) So, in this first female generation photo frame there is a picture of my Great Grandma who died in 2000, my grandma, my mother, me, and soon my daughter will be joining in that and it’s really exciting!

Joe and I are also really excited even though we both had a feeling we were having a boy due to all the old wives tales were leading me to be having a boy. But even though we are deathly afraid of when she starts to date… we are super excited to be adding a baby girl to our family. Joe will now be stuck in a house with 3 girls! (me, baby, and our dog: Sophie). But he is really excited and he keeps saying “my girls” and rubbing my belly which just melts my heart each time.

Is there a name yet?

I know many of you will be asking if we have picked out a name and the answer is.. yes, we have. However, we will be keeping that a secret until she’s born! haha. Sorry! But we thought it’d be nice to have some sort of surprise at the birth since we found out the gender. Plus, it’s really funny/fun watching our families try to figure out what the name is! So, if you want to put your two cents in about what her name could be.. leave it in the comments!!

What About In Wonderland’s Future?

As many of you know, Lizzie is a great asset here at In Wonderland and she will be continuing on this journey with me! So when my baby girl arrives I will most likely take a short hiatus to spend as much time as possible with her. I plan to still try and do bloggy stuff once a week after she arrives. But I do have plans to have posts scheduled so it will feel like I’m still around and that you guys don’t miss me too much. But as for commenting back and social media, I’ll most likely only be on a little bit. But Lizzie will be around and still posting and helping me out. But I do plan on continuing In Wonderland and doing what I love which is talking about all the bookish stuff with all of you!


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  1. HUGE congratulations. When I was pregnant with my daughter I drove my husband crazy by refusing to find out her gender. Then everyone told me I was having a boy (I guess based on the way my stomach looked or something.) And I really didn’t care what gender the baby was, but every time I thought of something I’d miss out on (wedding dress shopping, etc.) I’d start to be all wistful.
    And yes, keep the name quiet unless you want everyone weighing in!
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