The Lack of Posts… [A Life Update]

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Some of you may have noticed the lack of posts that have been going up on In Wonderland, well, I’m mostly to blame. I’ve got about 5 weeks to go until the baby gets here (approximately) and the third trimester has not been too kind to me. I’m still in a weird reading funk where I haven’t read a whole lot this year and it’s almost April already! And when I mean the third trimester hasn’t been kind, I mean it. It’s hard to sleep because I’ve gotten so big and I can’t sleep on my back even though that’s the comfiest position most of the time. :/ I’m exhausted all the time. My feet and ankles get swollen if I’m on my feet for longer than 10 minutes. And because I haven’t been able to get the best sleep and I’m tired all the time, the second i sit down to relax I start dozing off. So, I’ve been sticking with watching episodes of TV shows I’ve already seen so I don’t miss anything important.

As for Lizzie, she’s had her own life and with being back in school it’s kind of made her go on a small hiatus as well. But she is hoping to get some more posts done/scheduled for while I’m not around a whole lot due to the baby taking up my time. So you’ll see more of her (other than her WOW posts in the future)!

In other news our baby shower was almost a month ago (and I’m still working on those Thank You cards, damnit I suck) and at our baby shower we revealed the name we have given our baby girl. Mostly because Joe was able to finish up the sign he made that we will be hanging in her room! (which we are still working on… yea we haven’t had a lot of time to work on like anything because he’s working Mon-Sat lately). But I figured you’d all like to know what her name will be! So without further adieu!

this is the sign without the LED lights lit up
And here it is with the LED lights lit up. (We can have whatever color lit up!)

So,there you have it. Her name will be Amelia Rose! It didn’t take us long to figure out the name which is surprising since neither one of us had any girls names in mind but one day we both came up of a list of 5-10 girls names we really liked and Amelia was on both of our lists and we instantly fell in love. And I was really in love with a middle name of Rose. And after we had decided that this was the name, Joe liked to point out that she’s named after my 2 favorite Doctor Who companions and it solidified my love for the name even more! 🙂

And just a quick update on how I’m looking nowadays, I’m happy to inform you that all the weight gain has only been in my stomach so far and this was me about 3 weeks ago:

Granted I feel even bigger now (kind of) but it’s definitely getting time to evict Amelia out of my belly and into my arms!

Anyways, let’s talk about it! How are you all doing? I’m sorry I haven’t been around much to reply to comments, but I promise I have been reading them! Hopefully once I get back to a good reading regime and blogging routine I’ll be a lot better at replying!

love you all and happy reading! <3


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