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So, it’s that time of year again. Where all these blogging/reading challenges pop up. And yes, I plan on participating! It’s been a pretty long hiatus for me. The past 15 months have been pretty hectic for me. Getting pregnant, having Amelia and becoming a mom, recovering from delivery, going back to work full time only to get laid off, and then spend 3 long months doing nothing but applying for jobs. I can announce that I have finally found a full time job so Amelia (who is now 7 months old!) now has health insurance again! It is a weight off of my shoulders! And as much as I hate working full time and leaving Amelia with a babysitter… it’s something I have to do. At least until my husband can find a job that offers insurance or I finally finish a manuscript and become a successful published author.

I think it’s the perfect time to come back into the blogging sphere because I do have some free time after Amelia goes to bed to put together blog posts. And I don’t have to spend all my free time looking for work because I now have a job and can stop applying to job after job after job. It’s also the perfect time, because it’s the end of the year and all these reading challenges are popping up now and I can pick some to participate in to help push myself into more of a reading habit. Because I need to get back to reading. I miss it so much!

So, without further adieu, here are the challenges I plan on partaking in the upcoming year! Can you believe that it’s already almost 2018?!

**I will update my Reading Challenges page with the 2018 challenges soon. But for now, this is where I will post my reading challenges for 2018!**

2018 Reading Challenges

That Artsy Reader Girl
First up is a challenge that I take part in year after year and it’s because Jana does such a great job with hosting this challenge. Plus, it makes me read debut authors in between all of the other books! 🙂
I participated in this one this year (or at least started to) and I really enjoyed it and am planning on doing it again in 2018! I have to update my Goodreads shelf still. What I like about this challenge is that they put you in 1 of the 4 teams and you collect points! For 2018, I was put into…
So, tell me.. What challenges do you plan on partaking in 2018? Which ones should I look at? Cause I’m still searching for some! So, leave me some suggestions!

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  1. Thanks for signing up for BTB! I’m doing that one as well as #ASeriesAMonth2018 hosted by Dani Reviews Things were you tackle a series you haven’t read yet each month (either completed or in progress). It ties in nicely with BTB and she’s doing a points system and giveaways too!!

    Good luck and happy reading!

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