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Dana of DanaSquare and I are huge TV addicts and are always binge watching a show. This usually results in one of us telling the other they need to watch X or catch up on Y. One of those shows was Timeless.

Timeless has had a rocky road. After it’s first season it was cancelled but with fan support NBC decided to bring it back for a second season. And unfortunately after the second season, NBC has yet again cancelled this amazing show.

So, we’re putting together this list of reasons why we need to #SaveTimeless, find Timeless a new home and why you should start watching it, if you haven’t already!

5 Reasons We Feel You Need To Watch Timeless:

1. Every episode of Timeless takes place in a different pivotal moment in history (primarily American history in season 2) with an incredible detail to wardrobe and sets, but more importantly the show focuses on the stories of minorities in every episode. There is a heart to the writing that always pays mind to those stories that are forgotten in history books or down played.

2. Quite a few of the episodes have a huge impact. I remember when I was watching the episode where they go back to the days during the Women’s Suffrage and that episode had me in tears because it impacted me so much. And there are quite a few moments like that in this show.

3. It portrays intelligent and capable women who get the job done! And not only that but it’s also one of the most diverse casts ever!

4. THE SHIPS! Are you Team Lyatt (Lucy/Wyatt) or Lynn (Lucy/Flynn)? One thing is for sure we are Team Riya (Rufus/Jiya)! Dana is kinda leaning towards Lynn…I feel like there is something about his journal and the future that he’s not telling Lucy, plus Wyatt can be a jerk sometimes *cough end of season 2 cough*. Uhm… Stephanie is kind of in the same boat. As much as I love Lyatt…I also LOVE Lynn… maybe more so!!

5. The cliffhanger of Season 2… OMG. Guys, where they ended Season 2… there is SO much more for us to experience! I love where they left it off at and it makes you want so much more of the story! The writers have been amazing and deserve to tell us the rest of their story!
If you already watch and love Timeless, take the time to tweet about it with the hashtag #SaveTimeless to show your support to the show and hopefully encourage Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon to pick it up for a third season.

If you haven’t watched Timeless, you can catch it all on Hulu! We’re also thinking about doing a watchalong and you’re all invited to join us! We’ll post on twitter when we come up with dates for that!


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  1. YESYESYES!! I am so heartbroken that it’s been cancelled again. Someone please explain why there is so much trash TV that survives for YEARS, but a show that is fun, adventurous, historical, intelligent, mysterious, had so many great important messages—and is just plain GOOD, can’t seem to survive more than a few season. Drives me nuts. I really hope another network is smart enough to pick this up. My favorite part was just seeing the characters so in awe of all the amazing people they were meeting. ♥

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